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  • Is PeerUp supported by the New Zealand public sector?
    PeerUp won a Request for Proposal to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector out of 220 proposals that were submitted. The concept was evaluated by The Treasury, State Services Commission, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Leadership Development Centre.
  • Why does PeerUp foster innovation?
    It takes courage to step from planning to taking action. Unless there is a crisis, it is often easier to keep planning, analysing and consulting, but not testing the idea in the community. PeerUp helps innovators to make the idea happen through the power of voicing the idea to peers of equal standing. This is more impactful than sharing the commitment with bosses or experts.
  • Why are PeerUp groups created from many organisations?
    A PeerUp group could be created from inside an organisation. But there are many benefits from collecting like-minded people from across organisations. It takes out the complexity of power and politics inside organisations. It also builds networks across the public sector of innovators with common challenges but who would not normally meet.
  • Am I eligible?
    Yes, if you are you trying to make an idea happen in the area of the PeerUp group, and you have the support of your boss. The programme is aimed at the public sector, but you can come from the public, private or third sectors, so long as your work contributes to the PeerUp group's area of concern.
  • What are coaching conversations?
    Coaching conversations includes the coach respecting the ability of the coachee to generate their own insights, asking open ended questions, listening intently, avoiding judgement, and resisting advice giving. As the coachee works through their ideas, they find creative solutions and build commitment to implementing their best ideas. Organisations now rank coaching as a critical management skill.
  • Do I need to join a PeerUp group if I get individual coaching?
    No. You can choose either or both programmes - peer group coaching or one-on-one coaching.
  • Do I learn coaching skills?
    Yes, with PeerUp we provide some training in coaching conversations and you practice those skills with your colleagues. For more intensive training and experience we suggest you enrol as a coach in our programme, the Global Enterprise Experience ( We won a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations award for its global impact on creating a better world through growing leaders, fostering social entrepreneurship and innnovation, addressing the UNSDGs, and managing across cultures. As a coach, you will be trained and supported to coach emerging leaders from many nations.
  • Is it confidential?
    Yes, participants commit to keeping the conversations confidential. This is a professional agreement and not a legal document.
  • What does it cost?
    It costs $890 for 10 two-hour PeerUp sessions using Zoom over a 10 week period. It costs $190/hour for one-on-one personal coaching with any of our consultants.
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